The Internet is valuable when extending the reach of your Non-for-Profit Organization. Developing your online presence can share your Nonprofit's mission with those beyond your local community and provide information about your cause.


Building an online presence might sound daunting, at first. And trust me to some extent, it is. Maintaining a blog page will help you accomplish this daunting task. Determine what goal you’d like to accomplish through your blog. Then, develop content accordingly that pushes you along that path.

Fuel your NGO’s growth by putting industry knowledge at readers’ fingertips. It provides you with an outlet to share educational content and powerful stories that evoke emotion in readers. 


A blog can be beneficial for your NGO but you’ve caught wind of how significant an undertaking starting a blog can be. It’s no lie that launching and maintaining a blog requires time and energy. But it could additionally increase the effectiveness of your NGO in extensive ways.


Deciding to implement a blog on your website is no minor feat. When redesigning their websites, NGOs are often faced with the decision of whether or not to include a blog. We know blogs are trendy and popular. But what are the concrete benefits that a nonprofit can hope to gain from incorporating a blog into its new website?


Here are some significant benefits your NGO can gain from maintaining a regular blogging page.

1. It establishes your authority. 

It helps build credibility, helping you to develop trust with website visitors. You can write articles on all facets of your organization’s interests.

2. It connects with potential supporters.

A blog allows you to take a variety of approaches when it comes to connecting.

Informational articles about your cause, emotional stories about the impact you create, data showcasing your nonprofit’s effectiveness, or recaps of past events are a few potential types of content that may appeal to different visitors on your blogging site.

You can potentially leverage your blog to appeal to a wide variety of website visitors.


3. It helps you maintain relationships with past supporters.

A blog is a perfect place to maintain relationships with past supporters of your NGO. You can request your past supporters to write guest posts outlining why they support your organization. If implemented effectively, such posts can be a great way to engage your supporters.  

4. It builds trust by sharing the impact of your NGO.

A blog is an excellent way to show your impact more concretely to potential donors.

Share photos. Share videos. Share stories from your NGO community. Your work gets valued, increasing the likelihood that the visitors will lend their support to your Nonprofit.


5. It drives more traffic from search engines.

When people search for your Nonprofit, how easily can they find your website? Here is where a blogging page comes into play.

It has tremendous benefits when it comes to search engine optimization. It drives more traffic to your Nonprofit’s site from search engines. Since a blog allows you to write a wide variety of topics related to your mission, it helps you create a wealth of content for search engines. 

Now that you know that a blogging page gives the visitors a reason to engage with your Not-for-Profit Organisation, ask yourselves a few questions.

Does your Nonprofit have a blog? Does your NGO enjoy the above-mentioned benefits of maintaining a blog page? 

Developing a solid online presence for your NGO is imperative in this digital world. Maintaining a blog page creates a good chance for you to do so. 

If you’re convinced, what are you waiting for?

Signing off,

Riya Shakchi <3


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