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What’s our inner superpower : critique or empath?

  I went to Bhutan 3 years back on my first solo expedition. Those days, it was a not-much-heard-of-thing in my circle (or even on social media)- the concept of solo tripping. Therefore, it took me a lot of efforts to convince my parents for them to finally allow me to take this plunge, right after I completed my MBA. During this whole conversation, one thing stuck me- when my mother said “You love talking, how can you travel solo?” While post this I started contemplating my hastily taken decision to be my sole companion, I was prudent enough to not show them any signs of confusion lest they exploit it in their favour. Gladly, I got answer to my mother’s question (and also to the topic of this blog) during my rendezvous in the foreign lanes of Bhutan. The whole journey was possible because of strangers who were nothing but considerate, passionate with expectation of nothing in return. I never felt, I am solo. From a stranger who helped me transfer my stuff to another hotel because th

What is the Need for another Crowd Funding website?

  It's a very important question to ponder upon. I say this because finding an answer to this question led to creation of the way it is now. It all started with a college competition, where 4 of us got to together to explore crowdfunding in India. This led us not only to know more about the different kind of NGOs that work in India and abroad but also their ways of working. We specifically spoke to NGOs that were small to mid scale run by a hand full of people. This when we met Tarun Manav, founder of Prerna Sewa Sansthan 1st, a small NGO working for past 10 years almost and serving the people and animals of Ghaziabad. It is run by a single person with a support of few others. He, along with his son, was working day and night to not only serve but also create social media posts, edit videos and contact donors to make sure that his NGO survives for the next day. During this research we realized that if every single person from our college, which was very near to th