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Donation shouldn’t be like window shopping

  Window shopping also known as retail therapy (read shopping) is often implied as a medium to make ourselves feel good. Science proves shopping releases happy hormone like serotonin which lightens our mind, an experience similar to eating chocolate. A 2011 study by Healthline ( ) quotes that unplanned shopping seems to relieve stress which goes beyond the initial period of purchase. If that’s the case and we have nothing to worry on the impulsive spendthrift attitude of an individual, why not channelize the same to donations. Have you ever walked in on store and analyzed the placement of the items. Accessories are generally put in front of the counter to induce impulsive buying because no one walks in the store with the sole idea of buying accessories, they get picked up once the dress is being finalized and generally maximum commission is being generated through it. Window shopping is a boon to the retailers.   But agai