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The Dyadic Between NGOs And Government

  SSSDR is an acronym used for the Union of India.  It stands for Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic of India. Here, I would like to emphasize on one term – “Socialist”. It was introduced into the Constitution of India in 1967. Socialism is a political and economic theory which advocates that the means of production distribution and exchange at a regulated by the community as a whole. To put it into simple words, in a socialist system, the power lies with the masses.   India is a diverse land; topographically, culturally and socially. It has seen big empires rise and fall, governments come and go. Governing such a diverse land is a task, which is why governments in India face a lot of criticism from different groups of people for different reasons. The government tries to address the problems faced by public at major level but there is a huge disparity between what is expected by the citizens and what is delivered to them. There are various agencies, individuals and

Everyone wants to give in Kind to an NGO!!

  W hat if your business was not measured in terms of profit it made? What if your salary was the number of smiling faces and organizations you have served? Seems so delightful, right? This is what an NGO (Non Profit Organization) does.   An NGO is a non-profit, citizen-based group that functions independently with no or minimum Government intervention. It may be involved in international philanthropic, developmental, or social missions. They aim to serve specific social or political purposes. Contributing to an NGO can be a very fulfilling experience. These Non Profit Organizations rely on a variety of sources for funding their overhead expenses. Funding sources include private donations, membership dues, philanthropic foundations and grants from local, state and federal agencies.   Even in our day-to-day lives, we come across people or organizations asking for donations. Sometimes we donate, but most of the time we hesitate. Sometimes we fail to recognize that the littl

What to Post? - The Dilemma of an NGO

  An NGO is the most underrated organization that attracts the least respect and even incentives in terms of the monetary value that leads an NGO's growth spun and even closing or shutting because of lack of funds. The most common purpose of working for society to bring a change goes down the drain.   So, what to do? Social media has become the most incredible power today that serves all the purposes for NGOs and small business houses, and cottage businesses who have problems attracting funds. Today's social media has helped NGOs significantly. People can see the accomplishments and excellent work the organization or the NGOs are voluntarily doing, making people want to donate and raise funds. But the problems don't stop there. The main problem is what and how to post?  Happy and sad faces are the two types of the post the NGO initiates, but this raises an argument that favors and goes against the NGO .  They post sad faces like poverty and food shortage in some remote vil

Is It Still Slacktivism If It Helps To Make The World A Better Place?

  M y morning starts with opening the Twitter and Instagram app on my phone even before I attend the nature’s call because the fear of missing out on something important has gripped me forever. On some days the content is still the same as the previous night, on other days the world turns upside down with new updates. The speed at which the things are moving, hashtags change frequently and what you might have ignored previously, is now the burning issue. A post made by a user who only has 300 followers might be re-shared a million times if it strikes the right chord.   The social media is increasingly becoming a different world of only blacks and whites with some people desperately trying to give it a shade of grey. It has led to online groupism, with some extremist groups, some neutral groups and some silent spectators. Initially, social media was only used for sharing personal information but a few years back it became a platform where people from far and wide came together with a co