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Let's Teach to Be Generous : Donate Clothes

If you’re working with your kids to help them become more generous and giving individuals, then you’re probably trying to think of different examples of how to do that. Generosity isn’t always the easiest trait to explain, but when you provide examples of generous giving, it gets easier to understand. That’s where explaining the importance of donating clothes comes into play—it’s a small action that can help people understand the beauty of giving. If explaining generosity is important to you, then use clothing donation as your go-to way to explain the benefits of giving. Learn more about the importance of donating clothes so you can best explain how generosity makes an impact! Helps the Environment There’s such power in protecting the world you live in. Think about how good it feels when you start gardening, cut your plastic use, or take shorter showers. These are the sort of steps that you can teach your kids to take from a young age. They’ll want to protect the environment if you giv