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Trust is important but how to build it?

  In one of our previous blogs, we highlighted on how trust is of paramount importance when it comes to donation, supporting NGOs and noble causes. Needless to say, picking up a genuine cause is as difficult as picking a needle from a sack. We are constantly living in a world where we are reminded to NOT trust blindly.  I remember , once I was travelling in a bus and was talking to passengers as part of filling a survey (contents of that survey, purpose of the survey are long forgotten but not this incident). I was talking to one nice lady and she was helping me with good insights only she had to descent at the next stop and thus we were interrupted. Luckily for me, I noticed it was the same stop I had to get down at. While we were walking, she offered me to step in her house, since I didn’t sense anything fishy and THAT (gods knows, WHICH) survey was SO important, I readily stepped in her house where she offered me tea and we were happily chatting our way to complete that form. M

Cherry Picking of NGOs by UR GESTURE

  The question is why this topic . Why is it important for a crowdfunding website to have an NGO onboarding process, leave alone a stringent one! There are close to 34 Lac NGOs registered in India. How many do you know and how many do you Trust?   Personally , the first time I ever interacted with anything close to social service was during my school days when we gathered funds for Helpage India. I was intrigued by the fact that there were gifts for the winner. I was in 5 th standard & unaware about their work, yet I used to go from house to house to write the names of the people who donated for this social service. I used to get Rs 5 ( USD 0.067 current) from maximum people. Saddened by the whole collection I used to come back home only to let my mother donate me the rest of the money, just to cheer me up. And happily, I would write names of all the family members on that page which had limited people otherwise. I did this for 2-3 years. Standing in assembly ground, we used t

Trying to Stay Relevant

Few days back, I was having an interesting conversation with Mr. Tarun Manav, founder of Prerna Sewa Sansthan when there came a point where we started discussing how difficult it is to stay relevant these days. He mentioned that many a times some of his close friends have jokingly asked him to post something new around his work. Pondering over their words, he told me that his every day focus is to make sure food is distributed at set locations in Ghaziabad under his initiative of Ann Patra and for this he follows a set routine every day. He told me wondering what new can he post on social media regarding his mundane task to ignite excitement among his friends. Tarun ji forgot even when the task is mundane, its impact is not. This conversation made me wonder about my work. Most of my days are spent following the same routine- getting up, making breakfast, getting ready for office, coming back from office, making dinner, working on urgesture , studying and sleeping. Even if I try to