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  It is the month of November.  Gunju, a 10-year-old stands outside the NDLS Railway Station in the national capital. She fears the night that is approaching. As the traffic starts to decrease, she can clearly hear the winds howling. She does not have a proper home like thousands of other children. She lives under a temporary plastic shelter on the footpath, a few kilometres away from the tracks.  During the day the sun and the crowd come to her rescue. After the sun sets, the temperature starts to drop quickly. She only has a thin piece of cloth that will protect her from the biting cold. She prays for the night to pass quickly; for the first rays of sun to hit her. One day she sees people coming with cartons towards the footpath where she lives. The people started distributing blankets to all living on the footpath. Gunju waited patiently till one person came to her and handed her a blanket. She looked at him and gave a wide smile. For her, he was a saviour.  The blanket was torn at


  And Lord Shiva was enraged and beheaded Ganesha; And Parvati was pained beyond grief. “Ganesha! Oh My Son! Be it that it was me.” She wailed, and Lord Shiva was moved and transplanted an elephant’s head onto Ganesha and Ganesha became the Deity of Learning and Wisdom                'Shiva Purana' : Hindu Mythology   O rgan transplantation is a process in which an organ is removed from the donor’s body and placed in the body of a recipient, to compensate for a damaged or missing organ. Organ transplantation has succeeded to associate life and death for the benefits of the society. Common transplantations include kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, intestines, lungs, bones, bone marrow, skin, and corneas. Kidney, part of the liver, part of the pancreas, part of the lungs or part of the intestines can be donated by living donors, but most of the donations occur after the donor has died.   The procedure of organ transplantation is a crucial health guarantee for society.

Everyday is a Fight to Survive

  C ash, money, bank statements haven't we heard it all how sometimes, due to any crisis in the average household can lead to disbalance in the financial and flow of money in the home. Many people go through a financial crisis, and going through this stage is very typical. What if the person is not getting job satisfaction? What if the economy is failing? There could be many reasons? According to a survey done in rural households, many children are forced to leave studying and concentrate on doing domestic chores to bring money to the house; this practice had been followed for many years. The educated class knows the importance of education and how education can have the most positive impact on our lives and help us understand society's functioning. An NGO tries to bring a change to the needy, and running an NGO is just like running a family. Any financial crisis or irregularity in inflow of donations can force an NGO to shut down its doors .  Let's be clear, anything