Everyday is a Fight to Survive


Cash, money, bank statements haven't we heard it all how sometimes, due to any crisis in the average household can lead to disbalance in the financial and flow of money in the home. Many people go through a financial crisis, and going through this stage is very typical. What if the person is not getting job satisfaction? What if the economy is failing? There could be many reasons?

According to a survey done in rural households, many children are forced to leave studying and concentrate on doing domestic chores to bring money to the house; this practice had been followed for many years. The educated class knows the importance of education and how education can have the most positive impact on our lives and help us understand society's functioning.

An NGO tries to bring a change to the needy, and running an NGO is just like running a family. Any financial crisis or irregularity in inflow of donations can force an NGO to shut down its doors

Let's be clear, anything that can create a shift in the society requires money. Requirements that can be in any form such as money, food, and even sponsored education are significant for how we as a family or NGOs function.

Why do we donate?

Consider a scenario where you are raising your family and what it would be like to raise a family other than any blood relation. To do this act, we all require money.

There are so many people who feel want to raise a family but cannot due to shortage of funds. An NGO collects funds from the people like us pools up the money, and try to help these helpless families; this donation can be monthly, yearly, or only once. 

The people working at NGOs deserve our respect. They are for donations not for personal use but to help build and improve society of which we are all part of.

Why family and NGOs are the same?

An NGO requires donation just like a family requires money to run. Under many uncertain situations, source of the money can disappear.  If the flow of income reduces in a typical average household, children can be forced to leave education and can be forced to start earning at a young age, doing odd jobs and practices. 

Similarly, if the funds from an NGO disappears, this might effect hundred of families at the receiving end of the NGOs work. 

A small part of Ur donation can help educate a child; a small amount of cash coming out of your pocket may help a child get a respectful job. Consider them as your family where you are spending thousands on a t-shirt or pants. Half of the amount can go towards an NGO that will help educate a child.

Always remember a donation doesn't mean an act of dominance over the minority. It is an act of being generous and shows how much you care about society. A contribution shall never be made out of show-off or even a semblance of thinking you are commanding or ruling that person.

Written and edited by

Rachit Gilhotra

(Intern @ Ur Gesture )


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