Importance of Science & Tech Education in Village Schools


What do you imagine when you think of life in an Indian village. Do you imagine a rustic setting, an agrarian society, lots of greenery, very basic infrastructure consisting of small buildings that might include the village post office, gram panchayat office, and if the village is developed enough, a school. Some might describe this as idyllic, peaceful, even simple. But the truth is that this is a tough life. With little or no education, most of the families in villages are engaged in farming and agricultural activities. However this is changing now, with more and more families opting to educate their children by sending them to the local schools. 

The presence of an education system in rural communities, gives children the opportunity and capacity to explore their world around them and discover new things, though the lenses of scientific knowledge. Education also exposes this populace to relevant information and helps prevent the misinterpretation of information.

Science is an important part of the foundation for education for all children, and it is especially well-suited to active younger children as it contains activities such as hands-on labs and experiments. Science education exposes children to critical thinking, problem-solving and technological literacy, which in turn makes them skilled & knowledgeable enough to succeed in school and beyond. Education has been regarded to be significant with respect to rural areas, as it has been seen that it helps to bring about development be it in the lifestyle, health conditions, income capacity or the productivity of the people. 

Dadu foundation, an NGO based of Gujrat, has been working on providing quality education to children in villages. Their belief is that "Education is the key solution to every social problem", and they have set up numerous initiatives for reaching out to rural schools to ignite children's interest in science & tech education. This will help the children become independent and make informed decisions that can change the course of their life. Currently a "Science Lab" initiative is being run by them to equip rural classrooms with quality Science kits and workbooks. Please help them to take this initiative to more rural communities by donating to them through UrGesture in a transparent and effective way -

- Anubhuti Mathur


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